A Composite Dental Filling Can Repair a Small Cavity on a Tooth That Appears in Your Smile

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Here at Oakdale Family Dentistry our dentists understand the impact that your smile’s appearance can have on your self-confidence. When a cavity forms on one of these teeth it can cause discomfort while also leaving your feeling self-conscious about your appearance.

With timely attention Dr. Frank Russomanno, Jr. can repair a small cavity and restore your smile’s appearance with a composite dental filling. This is a special type of dental resin that will eventually be shaded to perfectly match the surrounding tooth enamel.

After a thorough examination, Dr. Frank Russomanno, Jr. will numb the area. Then they will use a special dental drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. Then they will prepare the surface to receive the composite resin material.

Dr. Frank Russomanno, Jr. will shade, apply, and shape the composite material before curing it with a special ultraviolet light. This will effective repair the structural integrity of the tooth while also restoring the natural appearance of your smile.

If you are in the Oakdale, Minnesota, area and you have a cavity on a tooth in your smile, you should call 651-731-6464 to seek treatment at Oakdale Family Dentistry.