Dental Bridges and Why They Are Needed

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Is your smile failing to live up to its full potential due to missing teeth? If so, repair and restore your incomplete smile this summer with dental bridges. With a dental bridge, you can ensure your smile will have the best chance of kicking off the fall season in style by filling out your smile by offering the following benefits:

– Eating and speaking can be problematic with missing teeth, but these skills can be restored with the help of dental bridges.
– If you are missing teeth, the likelihood of a misalignment or malocclusion occurring to your other teeth greatly increased. However, dental bridges can help prevent malocclusions from forming, or teeth moving and shifting out of alignment.
– Dental bridges stop other teeth from freely moving about or shifting due to the empty gaps that are left behind by lost teeth.
– If enough teeth are knocked out or lost, your facial structure will sink in and make you appear much weaker and older than you are. Use a tooth replacement such as dental bridges to restore your facial structure to its natural youthful beauty.
– It is possible for a dental bridge to work effectively for at least 10 years or significantly longer if you care for them correctly.

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