Discover Your Smile with Dental Bridges

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If you are looking to enhance your smile with a life-like tooth prosthetic, modern dentistry has numerous options to choose from. Tooth replacements have come a long way since the early days of dentistry, and newer forms can be contoured to look and feel just like normal teeth. A highly effective tooth replacement treatment to consider is known as dental bridges, also referred to as fixed partial dentures.

Dental bridges are extremely effective tooth prosthetics because they can be customized to fit your smile as needed. They are permanently affixed into place by attaching to nearby and neighboring teeth and can reverse any issues often associated with lost or missing teeth. Typically, missing teeth left untreated can lower your oral hygiene and can lead to tooth slippages and tooth decay. To help reverse these problems, it is important to establish effective oral hygiene through the use of a tooth replacement treatment such as dental bridges.

Dental bridges are extremely durable and can often last a lifetime of heavy use. They can help to restore bite stability and can restore functions often lost due to tooth loss. If you had any issues chewing or eating food where your speech was impaired while you’re missing teeth, by once again restoring your smile with dental bridges, these skills should be returned to normal. In addition, bridges are extremely durable and won’t slip or slide, so you can continue to eat all the foods that you know and love. In addition, any spaced maintenance issues that may have occurred due to missing teeth will be corrected with dental bridges.

When you are ready to take the next step in your oral health care quest with dental bridge replacements, we will be here for you. If you are interested in dental bridge replacements from Oakdale Family Dentistry at our dentist office in Oakdale, Minnesota, call us at 651-731-6464. Dr. Frank Russomanno, Jr. and our team look forward to improving your smile with dental bridge replacements.