Oral Piercings: The Facts

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Do you know anyone with an oral piercing? Are you contemplating having an oral piercing placed yourself? Are you worried about any potential side effects of having an oral piercing placed? Sadly, if you choose to have an oral piercing, there are a number of issues you might ultimately have to cope with.

In reality, once you’ve had your mouth pierced, you’ll be more vulnerable to a number of serious problems, including a chipped or cracked tooth. Sadly, regardless of where your oral piercing is, your teeth could hit against your piercing regularly. Eventually, this could lead to a cracked or chipped tooth, which can also lead to problems like cavities, sensitive teeth, gum disease, and even tooth decay.

However, the piercing itself can lead to problems. In reality, if one of your nerves is pierced, part of your mouth could go numb. Sadly, this numbness might not fade. Similarly, any jewelry in your mouth might harbor bacteria and germs. As you may have guessed, this can leave you vulnerable to several illnesses. This can also lead to infections and swelling inside your mouth.

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