Untreated Cavities Can Cause Toothaches

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Individuals who suffer from a dental phobia or who skip their regularly schedule dental checkups are at a heightened risk of suffering problems with gum disease and cavities. When a problem does develop on one of your teeth, the decay can quickly advance to attack the sensitive core of the tooth. This will often cause a gradually worsening toothache that requires the professional attention of our dentists, Frank Russomanno, Jr. Without timely treatment, the bacterial presence could cause a dangerous dental abscess in your gums.

In many cases like this, the dentists will need to perform a root canal. This procedure endodontic therapy will effectively remove all compromised tissues. Once this is done the dentists will restore the internal structure of the tooth by inserting a material called gutta percha. In a severe case in which a large dental abscess has formed, or the tooth simply isn’t viable for a root canal, we might recommend extracting the tooth. Once everything has healed and any infection concerns have passed, Dr. Russomanno can help you choose the best method for restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth.

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