Taking Good Care of Your Temporary Crown While You Await Completion of the Permanent Crown

A temporary crown is only meant to be a short term measure for protecting the abutment containing the dentin, pulp and root of the tooth. It’s important to keep in mind that it is not a fully functional tooth. As such it has certain care and cleaning requirements to maintain it while you await the… Read more »

Restore Multiple Missing Teeth in a Row

If you’ve lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth, it can severely compromise the full function of your mouth and affect the quality of your life. In a situation like this, your dentist, Dr. , might recommend having these teeth restored with a removable partial denture. A partial denture is like an abbreviated… Read more »

Denture Adhesive Has Several Benefits

If you have recently had Dr. fit you for a partial or a custom pair of dentures, you might be looking for the best way to secure them in place. While a partial or dentures are custom designed to fit securely in your mouth, you might still find several benefits from using denture adhesive. Beyond… Read more »

The Four Oral Hygiene Products You Should Pack for Your Trip

Are you going on a trip? If so, don’t forget to pack for your smile! Oral hygiene is extremely important, even when you travel, so it’s best to keep your chompers in tip-top shape no matter where you go. To help you pack for your smile, our team recommends packing the following items in your… Read more »

Tips on How to Keep Your Child’s Smile in Top-Notch Condition

As a parent, it’s important to keep your child’s smile in top-notch condition. However, that can be a bit overwhelming and confusing if you’re not sure what to do. So, to help you help your child, our team has some helpful tips for you! Those tips are: Monitor your child’s eating habits If your child… Read more »

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a serious dental problem among babies. It generally develops when your child constantly consumes sugary drinks in their bottle, especially when taking a nap or going to sleep. The sugar particles cling to the teeth and create cavities, giving your child a decayed and rotten smile. To help you prevent… Read more »